Markets for Electric Scooters

Hotels and Resorts

Electric Scooters, Golf carts, mobility scooter

Great for guest shuttles, grounds and maintenance crews, Security and even as rental units for guest who need to get around.

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Campgrounds and Trailer Parks

campgrounds and trailer parks, a great alternative to golf carts

Campgrounds and Trailer Parks are an ideal place to enjoy all of our electric scooters considering that they are all electric and there is no need for gasoline.

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Gated Communities

Transportation for gated communities, an excellent alternative to golf carts

GPV electric vehicles are fun and practical for getting around the community without having to use your car. 

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Marinas & Boat Yards

marina and boat yards, transporting of equipment and personal things.

The Transformer P/U is an excellent vehicle for transporting all kinds of stuff and equipment around the marina and boat yard due to the fact that it transforms into a P/U.

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Security Patrol


Why use an expensive golf cart when you can use any of our electric scooters or mobility scooters for the same purpose at just one third the cost of an average golf cart.

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Let your imagination run wild

hundreds of different uses, excellent alternative to golf carts and neighborhood electric vehicles.

Our GPV electric vehicles are fun and practical with hundreds of different uses and at an extremely affordable price.

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